March 23, 2018

Virtual Visits

Empower your nurses to connect with patients from anywhere at any time with virtual visits

Virtual visits, telehealth video conferencing for health care at home by InteractiveCare

Knowing your patient’s condition, whether at home, in assisted-living or even transitioning between agencies, is a demanding task, which is why providers and referring sources are turning to remote services – such as telehealth and telemedicine apps that can provide information faster.

InteractiveCare virtual visits, a video conferencing telehealth service built specifically with seniors and nurses in mind offers a simple, easy-to-use interface for both patients and providers. By tapping a single button on an InteractiveCare-provided tablet, patients and nurses can check-in between visits; gather vital signs, educate patients on symptoms and quickly assess risk for falls or emergency room visits.

While many existing telehealth video conferencing solutions are fraught with complexity, implementation costs, lackluster workflow integration, and inconsistent audio and video quality, InteractiveCare’s video conferencing telehealth service simplifies telehealth services for patients and providers of post-acute health care.

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How InteractiveCare Virtual Visits Work

Working with your agency, a Clinical Operations Specialist delivers, installs, and trains nurses and patients on the provided InteractiveCare tablet. For patients, a virtual visit is as easy as pressing a single button the tablet. For nurses, InteractiveCare automatically sets up and manages the call flow. An office can be set up to ring a single nurse, multiple nurses at the same time or even rollover from nurse to nurse. Nurses can even escalate a call in progress by transferring the video call to anyone else in their organization.

Why InteractiveCare Virtual Visits Matter

Virtual visits enable providers and patients to have face-to-face encounters anywhere and at any time with automatic captioning so nobody misses a single word of the conversation. With InteractiveCare virtual visits, agencies can:

  • Provide easy-to-use tablets for seniors with automatic captioning
  • Educate patients on questions they have to minimize unnecessary ER visits
  • Increase patient satisfaction and peace of mind through increased access to nurses
  • Save nurses time and driving mileage on routine checkups and enhance their ability to monitor changes in patient condition