August 31, 2017

About Us


Telemedicine app from InteractiveCare, a telehealth provider for home health agencies

Dedicated to building telehealth services that rise above the ordinary, InteractiveCare is focused on developing technology and services for post-acute providers. With InteractiveCare, Home Health Agencies, Assisted Living Facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities are able to extend their intimacy of care via virtual visits combined with automated transcriptions.

As the latest venture from Sorenson Holdings, the company behind the Sorenson Video Relay Service® (SVRS®) and CaptionCall, InteractiveCare is built on proven technologies that process millions of minutes in audio and video calls every month. InteractiveCare’s patented transcription technology ensures healthcare professionals have encounter notes ready in minutes to help them complete necessary documentation. In addition, transcription services provided by InteractiveCare assure that patients will not miss information conveyed in key conversations with providers. With the use of transcription technology, instructions from providers given during a video visit are available at any time for the patient or [an authorized] family care giver to review. With transcription services, also referred to as captions, care providers can experience new levels of efficiency and accuracy in patient visit documentation.

InteractiveCare provides a win-win: you can achieve the Triple AIM goals of lowering costs, improving outcomes and increasing patient satisfaction and; patients get easy, convenient access to the medical attention they need – even when needed from within the comfort of their own home.


Give your nurses and patients a better home health care experience


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